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      Xuzhou Nuote Chemical Co., Ltd.
        Welcome to our website, we will be happy to serve you!

      Xuzhou Nuote Chemical Co., Ltd. (The former XU ZHOU SOLVENT FACTORY, established in 1956) is the appointed pesticide production and chemicals production company by the Ministry of P.R. China. It is patentee of the metaldehyde product....


      Office Building.: Room 3001, Didu mansion, 64# Hepingdonglu..
      Factory Add.:  Baiji, Qingshanquan, Jiawang Dist., Xuzhou...
      Tel: +86-516-83200911  83200912   
      Fax: +86-516-83200903    
      Email: sales@nuotchem.com
      Domestic Sales Department of the preparation :
      Tel: +86-516-83905138

        @ nuotchem.com
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